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SARS–CoV–2 (C0VlD–19) infection has been declared a pandemic by WHO. This infection manifests by high fever, shortness of breath and dry cough in infected patients, and has a high mortality rate. The most effective way of combatting this pandemic is through self–quarantine, social distancing and extensive testing.

      There are three main testing methods available for SARS–CoV–2 which is Antibody Rapid Test, Antigen Test and PCR. The rapid method which takes 15 minutes has approximately 10% false positive/false negative rate. The most accurate method of testing for SARS–CoV–2 is through qPCR in a laboratory.

How is PROCELL qPCR Test different from others?

      PROCELL is the heading synthetic biology company and has been producing qPCR primers and probes since many years, with more than ten–thousand references. Among the 7 qPCR protocols released by WH0, PROCELL choose USA–CDC protocol; however, our scientists quickly realized the risk of false negative detection due to dimer–dimer problems in this protocol.

      So, we have developed an optimized kit that overcame this problem. Unlike many other companies, PROCELL produces every single component of its kit by itself, reducing the risk of mistakes during production. Our qPCR kits have over 99% accuracy.

      PROCELL SARS–CoV–2 qPCR Detection Kit has a fully synthetic and non–pathogenic positive control which eliminates the possibility of false negative results due to enzymatic problems.



For each study, negative results should be obtained from NCs and positive results from PCs. Studies that do not comply with these results must be repeated.

      Positive results should be obtained for Rnase P reactions for each sample. Not getting a positive result for Rnase P reaction of a patient sample means that there is a problem in the RNA isolation/cD– NA extraction stages. Thus, RNA isolation and cDNA production from those samples should be repeated.

      As stated in Table 4, samples with positive results from all N1, N2 and Rnase P sets should be evaluated as SARS–CoV–2 positive; while N1 and N2 negative and Rnase P positive results should be evaluated as SARS–CoV–2 negative. samples with a positive result from only one of N1 or N2 should be retested.


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