Our Best Product

COVID-19 Detection Kit

PROCELL SARS–COV–2 qPCR Detection Kit has a fully synthetic and non–pathogenic positive control which eliminates the possibility of false negative results. Our qPCR kits have over 99% accuracy.

Antigen Test Kit

Novel Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) PROCELL best quality Antigen Detection Test Kit is our own core technologies Rapid Test Kit which guarantee 80% accuracy results within 15 minutes.

Disinfection Sanitizing Robot

Disinbo is Disinfection & Sweeping Robot integrated with Four Cleaning Functions. Sterilization & Disinfection, Garbage Cleaning, Dust Collection & Push Maintenance. It can automatically Perform.

Medical Isolation Gown

Best quality Disposable Medical Isolation Gown comes with Elastic Cuff, Knitted Cuff, Late x- Free, Non-Woven, Waterproof & Fluid Resistant.

Disposable Hand Gloves

Disposable Nitrile Gloves, Disposable PVC Gloves & Disposable Latex Gloves, All Gloves are CE SGS Certified. Please contact us at info@covid19.net.co for more details.

Buy Hand Sanitizer & H2O2

Disinfecsol Hand Disinfectant Liquid Sanitizer, Cold Sterilant & Disinfectant Solution, Rapid Disinfectant Spray, Rust & Dirt Dis-solvent Solution. For more details please download the product catalo

Pro40 Nucleic Acid Extractor

Pro40 Nucleic Acid Extractor (A Mobile Molecular Lab Station). It takes 5 minutes only from loading Samples to completing the Extraction. Suitable for various Medical environment places.

3 Ply, N95 & Kn95 Mask

Best quality 3 Ply Mask, N95 & Kn95 Mask with 360 degree Face Fit and 5 Layers of Protection. Our N95 & Kn95 Masks are adjustable and User friendly.

3M Respirator & Mask

We have all Range of 3M Respirator & Masks Like - 3M 8210 N95, 3M 9001 N95, 3M 1860 N95, 3M 8710 Dust/Mist Respirator and all other 3M Masks & Respirators.



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